ARTOMAT, instant art generator! by Electroboutique , 2013

Greatest Hits

Electroboutique Media art 2.0. 2005 - ..., collaboration
FuckU-FuckMe The ultimate remote sex solution(tm). 1999.
386 DX World's first cyberpunk rock band. 1998-...
Form Art New art form based on the Internet technology. 1997.
Easylife XXX Don't go there if you are not 18 yet. 1997.
SeeFree© : make your sight free. 2003.
Privatronics© Privacy with a human face. 2003.

Group Activity

ARTLET, art of our time Weblog, 2010 Software Art Repository, 2003, collaboration
Read_Me 2004 software art festival, collaboration, 2004
Read_Me 2.3 software art festival, collaboration, 2003
Read_Me 1.2 software art festival, collaboration, 2002
WIMP Club-quality VJ software. 2003.
Form Art Competition International competition at Ars Electronica. 1997.
The Universal Page (Now archived) Largest collaboration ever known to humankind. 2000.
Introduction to (1994-1999) Important text immortalized in stone. Bookchin+Shulgin+Blank+Jeron. 1999.
Moscow WWWART Centre Projects of Moscow and International artists. 1995-1997.
Refresh Documentation and leftovers of a revolutionary collaborative project. 1996.
Homework Masters go pupils. 1997.
Desktop IS The first international exhibitions of desktops online. 1997-98.
Insanity Notification Check how many days are left until Alexei Shulgin has finally gone insane. 1997-...
WWWArt Award Found art on the Internet (some links have expired). 1995-97.
Muzzle Collection of muzzles. 2000.

Other Stuff

Bla-Bla Sites Visit some nice bla-bla (blah-blah) sites! 1995-...
Inspiration I am bored of everything. Desperately needing new inspirations. 1999.
Joćo da Silva Travels in Europe And he wants to ask you something. 1997-...
Turn Off the TV Set Interactive web-TV. 1995.
Remedy For Information Disease You might be ill. Get well! 1996.
This Morning Desires are tearing me apart. 1997.
Link X
Domain name (kind of) poetry. 1997.


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