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SeeFree® glasses are light-weight, autonomous, electronic binocular see-through device. Its "brain" is a sophisticated microprocessor system that processes all visual information in your sight in real time. This image recognition system is so smart that it can distinguish billboards, advertisements and alikes from other visual elements.

Invisible camera

Two tiny cameras, in-built into the glasses frame provide the microprocessor with hi-resolution video feed that ensures high level of image recognition and reduces amount of mistakes.

Floating mask

After the system has recognized the "unwanted" elements, it creates a "floating mask" according to their shapes to be overlapped to the actual view. In order to make the masked elements less contrasting and distracting, the system calculates the color and brightness of the mask as an average to the surrounding areas.

Retinal projection

In order to place the masks over the actual view we are using a retinal projection technique. An eye's retina here serves as a projection screen. This absolutely safe cutting-edge technique helps to minimize the product's size and to reduce its power consumption.
Only the floating mask is projected into the eye; the rest of the view is seen "as is", and not through the camera-processor-projector system.


Cool design

This technology, also known as augmented reality gives you the best image quality than any other. Energy-saving solutions allow SeeFree® glasses to run all day without recharging. Modern design gives a look of cool sunglasses.


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